SXSW: Go where the crowd is not

I went to my first SXSW workshop today, and it was one of my best experiences so far (well, Neil Degrasse Tyson’s keynote still wins). A cozy atmosphere with about 25 people, and actual work got done.

You can watch the big ones online

Ok, Julian Assange is a name you’ve heard over and over and you want to be there for his virtual keynote: I just did it and I regret it.

Keynotes are streamed in other rooms, so you can just skip the line and watch it in another room, so you’ll get a good seat for the next talk that you really want to see.

Smaller crowd means more networking: go to workshops

mobile.jpg In a workshop, you talk to people way more than in a 3500 seats amphitheater. If you get stuck, you can turn around and ask the guy behind you. Easy.

With nobody stepping on each...

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